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Miami 7000 System-on-Module with Zynq

Production-quality SoM based on Zynq Z-7015, 7012S and 7030

Miami module Zynq 7030The Miami System on Module (SoM) ecosystem is based on the Xilinx Zynq family from the economical Miami Lite with Z-7007S, 7010, 7014S and 7020 , through the workhorse Zynq Z-7015 and Z-7030 based Miami 7000 described here, to the highly specified Miami Plus with Zynq 7035, 7045 and 7100 including 16 high-speed GTX pins, right up to the Zynq Ultrascale+ MPSoC devices including ZU06, ZU09 and ZU15.

The Miami 7000 System on Module (SoM) is based on the Xilinx Zynq- 7015/7030 and well as the single-core Z-7012S System on Chip (SoC). It is a highly integrated and compact off-the-shelf solution for today’s high performance embedded systems. The module combines a high performance (ARM-based) application microprocessor with FPGA logic in a single chip. It integrates all system components required to bring the system alive including memory, power supply, debugging and connectivity. Miami provides a best in class platform for balancing both performance and power, making a perfect solution for applications that require high processing power, high speed interfaces, a high level of reliability, the ability to optimize system interfaces, and perform real-time analytics and control.

The module comes with an actively supported main-line Linux distribution, including a template FPGA implementation connecting to the carrier board connector.

Typical application areas are any existing applications that use an applications processor together with an FPGA, including but not limited to (secure) communications, aerospace & defense, audio /video applications, medical and industrial imaging.

• BSP with main-line Linux distribution supportmiami-zynq-module
• Selectable boot source
• Dimensions: 65×68.4 mm
• On-board high efficiency power supplies
• Software selectable carrier board I/O voltages
• High performance SAMTEC board-to-board connectors
• Support for SATA3
• Support for PCI-Express (4 lanes)
• Support for Gigabit Ethernet (PHY)
• IEEE1588v2 and IEEE 802.3az support
• Serial I/O, including SPI, I2C, UART
• Debug support
• Industrial temperature range (-40 °C +85 °C)

Processor system
Processor* XC7Z012S-CLG485-1 XC7Z015-CLG485-1 XC7Z030-SBG485-1
CPU Cores / Performance* 1x 666MHz 2x 666MHz 2x 800MHz
Co-Processor ARM NEON™2x ARM NEON™2x ARM NEON™
L1: 32KB instruction/core, 32KB data/core, L2: 512KB
DDR3/DDR3L @ 533MHz, 1GB
Quad-speed SPI, 32MB
256 MB
4 Kb for secure (SHA-256) storage 4 Kb normal storage
Technology Artix®-7 Artix®-7 Kintex®-7
Logic cells55K 74K 125K
Flip Flops 6880092400157200
RAM 320KB 380KB 1.060MB
DSP slices 120160400
GTP/GTX transceivers 4x (6.25 Gb/s each)4x (6.25 Gb/s each)4x (6.6 Gb/s each)
140 Pins available on SoM connector for programmable interfaces
10/100/1000Mbps Ethernet, additional RMII interface
UART, I2C, SPI, I2S, user defined
Up to 2x CAN
GPIOs SD/SDIO 2.0/MMC 3.31 compliant controllers
Dedicated interfaces on SoM connector
1000Mbps Ethernet
Gigabit Transceivers
SATA-2/3, CPIE GEN3 4-lane, Aurora, CoaXPress,
PL JTAG chain for carrier board programming
Power supply
3.3V via connector On-board voltage regulation
Programmable I/O standards and voltages
Current measurement for PL and PS
Bootloader / BSP
Boot options
JTAG, NOR, (external) SD-Card
Operating System
Topic Linux distribution on GitHub
Dyplo® compatible Platform
Mechanical and environmental
65mm x 68.4mm
2 120 pin Samtec high performance mezzanine carrier board connectors 1x miniature pin header (JTAG IEEE 1149.1 TAP PS/UART + PL)
Industrial grade -40C to +85C
  • Temperature and humidity: IEC 60068-2-38:2009
  • EMC : EN 55032
  • EMI : IEC 61132, EN 61326, IEC 55024
  • CE Certified
  • Manufacturing: ISO 9001:2008, EN-ISO 13485:2003

In addition, Miami offers:

  • Ruggedized interconnects
  • Completely integrated self-test capabilities
  • On-board, autonomous voltage and current monitoring
  • Programmable voltage supplies for I/O bank
  • Unauthorized cloning protection infrastructure

Florida is a family of carrier-boards for the Miami SOM to guarantee a quick and hassle-free start of system development and prototyping.

Two types of Florida board are available – general purpose, plus a plug-in PCIe board version. For further details visit the Florida baseboard for Miami Zynq SoM page.

A “Combination Board” development kit is also available which is a combination of your choice of Miami Zynq SoM module and Florida Carrier Board complete with Dyplo-on-board, touch screen, reference designs (audio, video and medical), individual case and full set of cables. Based on the different versions of Florida, the following development kits are available: Generic Development Kit; PCIe Development Kit.

You can order Miami SoMs with Zynq XC7Z012S, XC7Z015 or XC7Z030 devices. For development you should order a Florida carrier board as well, or alternatively a Combination kit which includes the module plus a “single instance” license for the Dyplo toolset.

You can now order development kits via our online shop using the links opposite.

Volume pricing is dependent on spec. and quantity – please use the “Get Quote” link to the right for a quick turnaround pricing estimate. Contact our experienced team with your detailed questions whether technical or commercial – we’ll be happy to help.