Privacy Notice


Following the introduction of GDPR, we have reviewed all aspects of data protection. We have reviewed what data we hold, ensured that it is held securely, and considered how the data is used.

Direct Insight Limited is the Data Controller, and except where indicated in this policy all records are held in a secure, encrypted CRM database. Personal data may also be contained in emails, which are also held internally in a secure, encrypted mail server.

We only hold personal data in respect of those who have actively contacted us (or our suppliers) to enquire about our products and services, or to purchase them, or to opt-in to our newsletter service. The data includes – at a company level –  address, phone number, list of people who have been in contact with us, details of quotations and purchases, a forecast of future business, and any notes relevant to the ongoing business relationship. At a personal level, we record job title, email address, mailing list membership, and any direct dial phone numbers which have been provided, and summary notes of our transactions with you.

We are a specialist B2B (Business to Business) supplier serving electronics industry professionals. The products we supply are typically used over a project life-cycle of 10-15 years and keeping our customers informed of relevant technical developments and changes over time is an important part of our service, and a reasonable use of customer data.

Individuals who have made specific, direct enquiries but not purchased may be sent information directly relevant to their enquiry for a reasonable, limited period, which depends on the nature of their interest, and contact data will be held for this purpose. While simply downloading an item of information from our website may result in information being issued by us in response, this will not be taken to constitute agreement to receive future mailings of any kind, unless you have opted-in.

We will never share the personal data we hold with third parties without permission. We may share company-level or anonymized data with our suppliers. Where you have purchased, or requested to trial a product or service which involves a licence to use software the requirements of the licence agreement may require provision of personal data to the licensor. We will provide your personal details to the licensor when it is necessary in order to process your request.

CustomerZone: Our website provides a customer login to allow registered customers to access specific downloads and information. This system holds only a username, password, and email address for each purchaser of a qualifying product in an encrypted database exported to the website from the CRM system. Customers are manually informed of the login details when the purchased product is delivered, but are not subsequently mailed by this system, and may ask for their record to be deleted at any time

Website cookies are used as required by the 3rd party systems we use –  currently Google Analytics and Google Adwords –  to monitor website activity and deliver online advertising. We may also use cookies to record data entered into forms on our website so that a form can be automatically populated next time it is presented, and for other types of website automation.

June 2018