ARM Board with interchangeable processor module


An industrial-spec. production-ready board with TRITON-TX module

TRITON-TX Family Baseboard is a budget-priced production-ready baseboard. Together with a module from the pin-compatible TRITON-TX family, it becomes a complete ARM-based SBC, offering a range of processors – from a low-end ARM9, up to a quad core ARM Cortex-A9.

With our family of pin-compatible touch screen displays, TRITON-TXFB becomes the most versatile ARM-based SBC available today.

Projects which can use an off-the-shelf board gain an advantage in cost and time-to-market compared with the creation of a custom baseboard.

TRITON-TXFB can be used with  any of the current generation of 3.3v I/O TRITON-TX modules, from an ultra-low-cost TRITON-TX28S or TRITON-TX6UL to a quad-core TRITON-TX6Q. Other supported modules include TRITON-TX25, TX28, TX48 and TX53.

Powered from a single 5 – 30v supply, the Family Baseboard offers connectors for the most-used interfaces, and pin headers for much of the remaining connectivity specified in the standard TRITON-TX pinout.

pdf-iconDownloadable Datasheet. For further downloadable documents click here.

Microsoft Azure Certified product

Microsoft Azure Certified

An ideal, certified gateway for IoT networks – works with Azure IoT Hub.

Ideal for use as an IoT gateway, or “intelligent” edge device.

TRITON-TX module supportTRITON-TX28, TX28S, TXA5, TX48, TX53, TX6UL, TX6S, TX6DL, TX6Q
RS-232 / UART32x RS-232, 1x logic-level UART
Ethernet 10/100 BaseT1RJ45 Magjack
I2C Interface1To header. Used for cap. touch
SSP / Digital Audio1on header
SD card1SD Card holder
USB Host1“A” type socket
USB Device1“mini-B” type socket
PWM Controller1Backlight control. Some modules offer 2nd PWM
RTC Backup1Lithium Button Cell
Keypad input14×4
Analog input84/5 used for resistive touch. TRITON-TX28/TX48 only
GPIO20Dependant on module and configuration
CAN26-pin header
Display connector1ZIF for unified interface touch screen
Display header140-pin 0.1? for 3rd party TFT
Resistive touch14/5 wire – where supported by module
Capacitive touch1Via I2C, all modules
Power5-30vMay use Li-Po battery for portable
Temperature Range-40 to +85C
Dimensions120 x 120mmNano-ITX with mounting points
ConnectorsSODIMM200TRITON-TX range compatible pinout
Guaranteed Longevity (years)10