Touch Screen Panel PCs

KS150-BT_side_w600Direct Insight offers a range of Panel PCs based on both Intel Core and Intel Atom processors, with a range of sizes and types of touch screen, including resistive and capacitive touch.

These screens are tested with a range of OS options, and can be supplied with Windows Embedded Standard 7/8 installed.

KS10110.1" TFTIP651280 x 800CapacitiveIntel Atom Bay Trail E3845, J1900193mmWindows 7, 8, 10, WES7, WE8S, Win 10 IoT
SPC150-BT15″ TFTIP65 / IP69K1024 x 768ResistiveIntel Atom Bay Trail / Celeron N293050.5mmWindows 7, 8, 10, WES7, WE8S, Win 10 IoT
SPC150-HU15″ TFTIP65 / IP69K1024 x 768Resistive / CapacitiveIntel Core (Haswell) i3-4010U, i5-4310U48.5mmWindows / WES 7/8, Linux
KS15015″ TFTIP651024 x 768Resistive / CapacitiveBay Trail E3825 / E384547mmWindows / WES 7/8, Linux
TPC17017″ TFTIP651280 x 1024Resistive / 3M Surface CapacitiveIntel Core106mmWindows / WES 7/8, Linux