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We offer free-of-charge long-term loan of development kits to qualifying projects.

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Address: The Hayloft, Greatworth Hall, Greatworth, Oxfordshire, OX17 2DH

Popular Sectors:

From interactive kiosks to sophisticated mobile-app-enabled vending solutions, providing customised point of service solutions, embracing wireless connectivity, NFC, and enhanced interactive user experience
Medical monitors and sophisticated treatment systems use our technology, which includes QNX-based solutions for life-critical applications. We also provide high performance SMP hardware and software solutions for medical imaging
Industrial control and instrumentation is a mainstay of our capability, including real-time control, and all types of test and measuring instruments
We are working in a wide range of signage technologies including tiny, cloud-connected connected, low-power players, and embracing the latest concepts in interactivity
We have created a wide portfolio of handheld solutions, in markets as diverse as infotainment, military and industrial measurement
Tracking, logging and controlling, IoT enabled M2M systems based on our technologies are used extensively across all types of transportation networks, as well as in industrial settings
Systems to monitor and control transport networks and vehicles, including signalling, data collection, and navigation/tracking systems, as well as vision systems
Mainbord-7 Development Kit for TRITON-TX