Medical instruments and imaging

Touch-screen based systems for medical monitors and instruments require powerful graphics, and those performing life-critical functions must have support for appropriately SIL-ready software and hardware components. We specialize in these solutions and our technologies and expertise have been used in a wide range of medical instruments, including ECG monitors, diagnostic tools, and radiotherapy delivery systems.

Medical imaging systems need to provide rapid throughput and processing of large amounts of data. One way we achieve this is by use of the latest FPGA systems, such as Xilinx Zynq devices which combine FPGA fabric with ARM Cortex-A9 processor cores.

We offer a range of production-ready ARM and Zynq– or Altera SoC-based modules, enabling system architects to rapidly build powerful systems, and concentrate on their applications rather than lower level issues such as high-speed design and OS porting. The Dyplo software tool enables on-the-fly partitioning of tasks between FPGA and ARM processors in Zynq devices, and with Miami system-on-modules offers a SIL-4 ready solution.