Industrial Automation and Control

Solutions for Industrial Automation, Instrumentation and Motion Control are a mainstay of our business.

High performance, real-time systems are combined with touch-screen usability to create anything from a simple control panel, through to a powerful multicore system controlling complex machines with microsecond determinism.

Miami Zynq FPGA modules – Combining ARM Cortex-A9 processors with FPGA fabric, Zynq devices find applications is the most demanding industrial / motor control enviecd700-rugged-pc2ronments

ARM-based systems with EtherCAT allow development of cost-effective, deterministic industrial controls

TRITON-TXCT touch screen controller – A ready-made ARM-based unit widely used in industrial instrumentation

ECD-700 fanless industrial PC – Tiny integrated PC based on the latest Bay Trail processors, for networked industrial / soft PLC use

Panel PC solutions – durable panels with integrated PCs, for quick integration into systems