Experience is the key to creating handheld touch-screen devices which provide the right balance of performance and power management. Having created several handheld devices based on both Linux and on Windows CE, our team delivers well engineered, timely solutions. Software integration of battery management and creation of board assemblies within extreme mectx48hanical constraints are typical challenges.

Using a system-on-module based approach, and leveraging existing designs, engineering costs are kept as low as possible, and time-to-market reduced.

TRITON-TX6S System-on-module with i.MX6 Solo – with BSP support for DVFS and suspend/resume, and a footprint of just 68mm x 31mm, the TRITON-TX6S module is an ideal building block for handheld devices, offering comprehensive Qt support and Yocto build.

For smaller displays, the Spark-501 with 10mW suspend is very well suited to the handheld use-model, and runs both Linux and Windows CE 2013.