Florida baseboard for Miami Zynq module

tx-reverse-160pxFlorida baseboards for Miami Zynq modules

Development carrier for XC7015/XC7030 system-on-modules

FLORIDA logo_new TOPIC logoWith the Florida carrier board you can evaluate the capabilities of the Xilinx Zynq® based Miami System-on-Modules (SoM) in combination with a rich pool of peripherals. The setup helps you to kick-start your target application development giving access to the complete feature set of the Zynq processor in combination with the provided high-quality Linux BSP. The interfaces on the Florida carrier board provide functionality for data acquisition, visualization, human-machine interfaces, communication and data acquisition. Using these facilities you are able to prototype your application in an early phase and validate the actual needs of your application. The Florida boards come with a reference schematic and printed circuit board layout which can be used to customize the board according to your needs and incorporating the Miami SoM.
The basic Linux development environment is part of the Miami SoM, including the board support package. Additional peripheral drivers are supplied in a dedicated Florida support package.
Florida carrier boards are available in three different flavours:
• Florida-MED; integrates an electrical isolated 16 channnel, 24 bit ADC for ECG/EEG/EMG purposes
• Florida-GEN: identical to the MED board without the isolated ADC devices
• Florida PCI-e: a PCI extension board suited for the Miami series and compatible with standard PC PCI-Express slots to accelerate your PC based application
The Florida MED and GEN board support up to two SATA connections in parallel. SATA-2 and SATA-3 connectivity is possible due to the use of the GTX transceivers of the FPGA. The PCI-Express interface can be used in 1, 2 or 4 lanes mode, where it also uses the GTX transceivers of the FPGA to achieve data rates up to 8Gbit/sec.

Florida Generic Baseboard for Miami Zynq Module

       Florida Generic Baseboard for Miami Zynq Module

• Ethernet LAN interface (1000M/100M/10M)
• Paneldisplay interface with touch controller
• Wifi/Bluetooth
• USB-device/host/OTG
• 4x UART via USB
• SATA-2/SATA-3 interfaces
• HDMI input and output
• AMS (Analog) interface port
• JTAG Debug support

 Florida-GEN Florida-MED Florida PCI-e
SoM compatibility
2x Samtec QTH-060-01-L-D-A
Dyplo® supported platform
Not all of the listed peripherals can be operated in parallel 120 Pins available on SoM connector for programmable interfaces
Communication Interfaces
LAN (1000M/100M/10M) 1x1x1x
WiFi / BlueTooth1x1x-
UART via USB 2.0 4x 4)4x 4)4x
SATA-2 / SATA-32x 2x-
PCI-express--4 lanes
SD-CARD / SDIO 1x 1x 1x1x1x1x
Expansion Interfaces
AMS (analog differential input) 8x (4 pairs) 8x (4 pairs)-
Audio / Video
Audio ---
HDMI in / outIn/out *In/out *-
Panel display port with touch 1x1x-
Dedicated functionality
ECG/EMG/EEG - Sensors - Device-16 electrodes + ref 24 bits, +/-2.5V range, 32KHz ADS1298-
Debug / test
JTAG 1x (USB)1x (USB)1x (direct)
GPIO 8x 3V3 8 outputs / 8 inputs 8x 3V3 2x PMOD
Mechanical and environmental
Temperature range
Commercial (0°C / +70°C)
Power supply
Power supply 15Vdc wall adapter 15Vdc wall adapter PCI-e bus (powered) or external
Battery pack 3S2P Li-Ion*3S2P Li-Ion*-
Software support
The Miami system on module is an advanced, integrated, low-power industrial-quality module with Zynq XC7015 or XC7030, 512MB DDR3L RAM, 64Mb QSPI FLash, and NAND Flash. For further details, please visit our Miami Zynq Module page.
Florida PCIe baseboard for Miami Zynq SoM

                Florida PCIe baseboard for Miami Zynq SoM

Florida Carrier boards should be ordered alongside a Miami Zynq module which is not included. The GEN and MED versions of Florida are supplied with a suitable 15v PSU. The Li-Ion battery pack is optional.

You can now order both modules and development kits via our online shop using the links opposite. Contact our experienced team with your detailed questions whether technical or commercial – we’ll be happy to help.