Qt embedded solutions

Fully Supported Solutions with Qt Embedded


Qt is a cross-platform technology which allows users to easily create touch-and-gesture based user interfaces with the same quality of look and feel as a consumer device such as a mobile phone or tablet. Qt Embedded, or “Boot to Qt” is a lightweight embedded software stack which relies on a Yocto (if using i.MX6) Linux implementation. A set of C++ libraries, and an IDE called Qt Creator are used to implement the UI within the application development environment. BSPs supporting Qt usually rely on access to a hardware implementation of OpenGL in the target device to achieve graphics acceleration.

An important distinction that we make is between a target which is capable of running Qt, and one which features full support for Qt development, including detailed “how-to” guides to assist with target platform development, allowing users to painlessly move into using Qt Creator while using an up-to-date mainline Linux kernel.

Our tested platforms for Qt are those based on the TRITON-TX6 module sub-family based on Freescale i.MX6 processors, within the TRITON-TX pin-compatible module series, as well as the  Topic Miami Zynq modules. Qt can be supported alongside Linux, Windows CE and QNX. The TRITON-TX modules can be combined with production-ready baseboards such as  TRITON-TXFB to create production-ready solutions, or with development systems such as Mainboard-7 where custom baseboards are to be developed.

We offer comprehensive technical support for our customers working with Qt Embedded.