Product Lifecycle Issues with System-on-Modules

We have now been supplying modules for over 20 years, and are currently offering a longevity guarantee of 10 years for new design ins. Very nice, but what are the implications and challenges from the user perspective of using a module over a long period?

Despite our best efforts (and the level of effort that goes […]

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Meet the Direct Insight team – EDS 22nd/23rd Oct 2014

Just a note to say we have stand #F8 at the Embedded Design Show. Which will be co-located with the Electronics Design Show and Engineering Design Show. These award-winning exhibitions were created to champion British engineering and are entirely targeted at electronic and design engineers making this a must attend event for anyone working in this industry.

Come […]

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Corelis ScanExpress Tools and Microsoft Windows OS Support

Microsoft has declared that support for the Windows XP operating system will end on April 8, 2014; no further security updates and technical support will be provided. As a result, many organizations are upgrading their infrastructure with new systems running Windows 7 or Windows 8/8.1 operating systems. Organizations preparing system upgrades for PCs running Corelis […]

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Windows 8.1 coming to Embedded Standard

The update of embedded standard will be tightly aligned with Windows 8.1, in October.

Maybe use our fan less ECD800 shown here to preview the value and experience Windows Embedded 8.1 delivers. Download the public preview and start building your next intelligent systems-ready industry device.

Learn more about this product by reading these Microsoft series of blog posts.

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End-of-Life dates for Windows Embedded


Many people ask about when and how long the Microsoft Embedded Operating Systems will be available if the commit and design it into their product. As you’ll see from the table below, it’s normally around 15 years. The table is only an extract from the full list, but are the most relevant to Direct […]

Windows Embedded 8 Standard

Windows Embedded 8 Standard, Windows Embedded 8 Pro, and Windows Embedded 8 Industry have all now reached General Availability. Direct Insight can now ship devices built on these platforms to our customers to power the next generation of intelligent systems.

As part of the launch, Microsoft has created a Windows Embedded 8 launch portal that will […]

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What next for Windows CE / Compact 7?

Microsoft has begun to release details of the next version of Windows CE, planned for Q1 2013.

A year ago, there was a certain amount of concern for the future of Windows CE, stemming from the dual announcements of Windows 8 on ARM, and a Windows Phone 8 built on the same Windows-on-ARM codebase replacing a Windows Phone 7 […]

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Choosing the right ARM based System on Module (SOM)


I am regularly in the situation where the choice of processor, module and thus vendor selection is still a customer question. This should not be a great surprise as there are so many variants for consideration. So I’ll try and help with my thought process and highlight the major considerations when making this selection.

 Target […]

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Windows Embedded blog

Last month Microsoft launched “Approaching Embedded Intelligently,” a new blog aimed at providing customers, partners and the broad intelligent systems community with a centralised source of information and platform for discussion.

The blog represents collaboration spanning marketing, engineering and the support of other teams throughout the Microsoft groups. Visit the blog to stay informed about Windows […]

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Embedded PC or ARM-based board?

ARM-based platforms are a foreign proposition to most users of embedded PC boards. But it’s clear that in terms of performance at least, ARM solutions are now comparable with x86. So what are the other key considerations which might lead an embedded PC user to cross the divide?

The above is the first paragraph of my […]

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