Topic Miami Module with Kintex-7

Miami System-on-Module with Kintex-7

Production-quality SoM with PCIe fastboot, MicroBlaze

The Miami Kintex-7 System on Module (SoM) is based on the Xilinx Kintex-7 series FPGA.  The module combines a high performance and high density programmable FPGA fabric with dedicated hard IP blocks, such as DSP cores, memory controllers and PCIe endpoints.

The modules comes with an actively supported HDL board support package, including a maintained mainline Linux distribution for a Microblaze softcore processor. Fast image booting is provided to meet PCI Express requirements, and 4-lane PCIe is supprted, as well as SATA-3.

The Miami Kintex-7 SoM is compatibly with the whole family of Florida carrier baords, allowing for rapid prototyping and development. Typical applications are those which demand processing power combined with a small system footprint, including secore communications, aerospace & defence, audio/video applications and medical and industrial imaging.

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  • Fast image booting meeting PCI Express requirements
  • Dimensions: 65×68.4 mm
  • On-board high efficiency power supplies
  • Configurable board I/O voltages
  • High performance SAMTEC board-to-board connectors
  • Support for SATA3
  • Support for PCI-Express (4 lanes)
  • Support for Gigabit Ethernet (PHY)
  • On-board high-performance DDR3 memory bank
  • Debug support
  • Industrial temperature range (-40 °C +85 °C)
FPGA Technology:
Logic Cells162.24326.08406.72
Flip Flops202.8407.6508.4
Block RAM (Kb)11.716.0228.62
DSP slices6008401540
GTX transceivers4x (12.5 Gb/s each)4x (12.5 Gb/s each)4x (12.5 Gb/s each)
User programmable/configurable interfaces on SoM connector:
Gigabit transceiver links4x (SATA-2/3, PCle GEN3, 40Gb Ethernet, USB 3.0)
Bank 12,13 and 16111x Configur able 1V8 and 3V3 user I/O (HR)
Bank 15 and 3260x Fixed 1V8 user I/O (HP)
BSP supported interfaces:
LAN10/100/1000Mbps Ethernet, additional RMII interface
DDR3 memory*512 Mbyte, 1066MHz, 32 bit wide
Serial memory*4Kbyte EEPROM memory, 3Kbyte SHA protected memory vault
AnalogUp to 11 channels differential, 12 bits, 1 MSPS
SerialUART, 12C, SPI, I2S, user defined, CAN (2x)
LED indicatorsPower good, FPGA ready, software kernel alive, FPGA imaqe alive
Clock resourcesOn board 33MHZ and 200MHz. Programmable clock between 100 and 250 MHz.
MiscellaneousGPIOs (single ended, differential, double data rate)
Power supply:
Input3.3V, max. 4A, via connector On-board voltage regulation
OutputConfigurable I/O standards and voltages
ControlXADC (1 MSPS, 12 bit) for e.g. temperature and voltage monitoring
Bootloader / BSPVivado board specification file, PCIe boot support option
Boot options*JTAG, parallel NOR flash (parallel boot)
Operating SystemTopic Linux BSP for Microblaze including bootloader
Dyplo® compatible PlatformYesYesYes
Mechanical and environmental:
Dimensions65mm x 68.4mm
Connectors2x 120 pin Samtec hiqh performance mezzanine carrier board connectors
Temperature*Industrial grade
Qualification tests:
Temperature and humidityIEC 60068-2-38:2009
EMC/EMIEN 55032, IEC 61132, EN 61326, IEC 55024
Shock and vibrationMIL-STD-202F (method 204D), MIL-STD-202F (method 213B)
*Other configurations possible at higher volumes.
Florida is a family of carrier-boards for the Miami SOM to guarantee a quick and hassle-free start of system development and prototyping.Three types of Florida board are available – general purpose, a medical version with ADCs for monitoring purposes, and a plug-in PCIe board version. Based on the different versions of Florida, the following development kits are available: Medical Development Kit, Generic Development Kit, PCIe Development Kit.
You can order Miami Kintex-7 SoMs with XC7K160T,  XC7K325T or XC7K410T on-board. For development you should order a Florida carrier board as well.
You will shortly be able to order both modules and development kits via our online shop using the links opposite. Meanwhile, please contact us using the form opposite, or call +44 1295 768800. Favourable pricing is available for volume purchases. Contact our experienced team with your detailed questions whether technical or commercial – we’ll be happy to help.