Helix-2 ARMv8 COMExpress module

theobroma system on modules allwinnertx-reverse-160pxQuad Core 64-bit Applied Micro HeliX 2 module

COMExpress module with 10GbE and 6 PCIe Gen3 lanes

HeliX 2 4-core 64-bit ARM module with 10Gb Ethernet, 6 PCIe lanes, SATA-3
The HeliX 2 COMExpress module from Theobroma Systems features up to four 2GHz 64bit ARMv8 cores, and offers high-speed connectivity including 10GbE,  PCIe Gen3 and SATA-3.  Typical applications include datacenter, servers and industrial control.

Two SODIMM slots allow up to 32GB of ECC-enabled RAM to be equipped. Up to 128GB eMMC is available on-module.

A bespoke baseboard complements the module to complete a quick-start evaluation platform for the Applied Micro HeliX 2 processor. As well as a wide range of connectivity including one 10-Gigabit and four Gigabit Ethernet interfaces, the baseboard accommodates an intelligent HMI module with HDMI display interface.


The module measures just 95mm square, and consumes less than 20W.

ResourceHeliX 2 COMExpressDetail
ProcessorAMCC HeliX 2
CPU4x ARM Cortex 64-bit
Processor Clock Max (GHz)1.2 / 1.6 / 2.0
RAM (GB)up to 32GB204-pin SODIMMs, 1600MHz
eMMC Flash (GB)up to 128GB
Floating PointyARM Cortex Neon VFP / SIMD per core
Ethernet 10GBe1
Ethernet Gbe4
PCIe Gen361x4, 2x1 lane
I2C Interface1
HDMI1on baseboard
LVDS2on baseboard
SD card1microSD on devkit
Temperature Range0 to +85C
Dimensions95 x 95mmCOMExpress Compact Type 6
Input Voltage (V)5v / 12vconsumption up to 20W
LinuxyDebian 8 userland
The micro-ATX form-factor development baseboard offers a comprehensive development environment which includes an M.2 solid-state disk and an HMI/video subsystem capable of driving dual touch-screen displays. An SFP+ connector is provided for 10Gb Ethernet and two SFPs plus an RJ-45 accommodate GbE ports.  A real-time clock, and micro SD card accompany connectors for the standard module interfaces, including  SATA-3, 3x USB, 3x UART, SPI, I2C and SDIO.

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