AT-501 Low-power module

logo1tx-reverse-160pxAT-501 low-power SoM with Atmel SAMA5D3

Sub-500mW production quality module with ARM Cortex-A5


The AT-501 system-on-module from Shiratech consumes less than 150mA at 3.3v, yet thanks to the SAMA5D36 or D31 processor with ARM Cortex-A5 core running at 536MHz, and dedicated FPU, the module is capable of delivering solid performance for typical embedded / IoT projects, and supports touch-screen, Gigabit Ethernet, CANbus, and a wide range of additional wired and wireless interfaces.

Other  interfaces include multiple SD Card, USB, analog inputs, I2C, SPI and UARTs as well as audio and up to 120 available GPIO. Wi-fi support is available as a baseboard option. A 7″ touch-screen is optionally available.

In addition to the standard Linux , Qt is supported, and there is an optional  Windows Embedded Compact 2013 BSP.

AT-501 measures just 68 x 47mm, features 256MB DDR2 RAM and 256MB NAND Flash as standard, and is complemented by the CB-20 development baseboard with a full-featured Debian Linux install.

You can download a datasheet here. Development kits can be purchased via the “Buy Online” link.

ResourceShiratech AT-501Detail
MicrocontrollerAtmel SAMA5D3D3 Low-power SoC, D31, D34, D35, D36 options
CPUARM Cortex-A5
Processor Clock Max (MHz)536
RAM (MB)256DDR2 32-bit
NAND Flash (MB)2564GB eMMC option
Floating Pointydedicated FPU
UARTup to 6RS-232 on CB-20 kit
Ethernet21x GBe, 1x 10/100 Ethernet
I2C Interface3
LCD Controller1280x72024 bpp
Supplied LCD800x480 7"4-wire resistive touch
SSC (digital audio)1
SD card/SDIOup to 3microSD on CB-20
USB32xHost 1x Host/Device
GPIOup to 1203.3v
Analog Audioy3.5mm jacks on CB-20
Analog inputup to 12
Camera inputy
Touch Screen Interface14/5wire via analog in
Wi-Fi*baseboard option via SDIO
Temperature Range0-70C / -40 to +85C
Dimensions68 x 47mmoption
Input Voltage (V)3.3
Windows Embedded Compact 7 / 2013ycost option, source available
LinuxyDebian 3.10

The CB-20 offers a comprehensive development environment based on AT-501, runCB-20ning Debian Linux 3.x or Windows Embedded Compact 7 out-of-the-box (cost option).
The development system consists of a baseboard which provides connectors for the main module interfaces, and and expansion connector for others.
Additional peripherals include an audio codec with stereo audio in/out to 3.5mm jacks, a battery charger and management device (BQ24161 – BSP support not included), and LVDS transmitter. For production purposes, most projects require a custom baseboard, and we are happy to offer baseboard design and manufacture as a service.

The AT-501 is available with D31 or D36 processor (the D36 adds CAN and GB Ethernet). For larger volumes, other Atmel SKUs may be considered. 256MB RAM and NAND Flash are standard, but larger RAM size or Flash, including 4GB eMMC are optionally available on request.

AT-501/D31/256R/256F – standard module with D31 processor
AT-501/D31/256R/256F/I – D31 processor, industrial temp. spec. (-40 to +85C)
AT-501/D36/256R/256F – standard module with D36 processor, supplied with devkit
AT-501/D31/256R/256F/I- D36 processor, industrial temp. spec. (-40 to +85C)

Simply order the CB-20 for AT-501 development system via our online shop, using the “Buy Online” link to the right, and it should be with you in a couple of days. We look forward to providing you with knowledgeable, professional support to create your product. If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us by calling Direct Insight on +44 1295 768800 9am to 5.30pm UK time, emailing info at, or by using the “Contact Us” form below.

Contact our experienced team with your detailed questions – we’ll be happy to help. Pricing information for spares and small quantities of modules appears on our online shop. However, for quantities of 50 and above, please contact us for the latest price information.