8 Core 64-bit ARM Cortex-A53 Qseven module with Rockchip RK3368

theobroma system on modules allwinnertx-reverse-160px8 Core RK3368-uQ7 ARM Cortex-A53 Module

 micro-Qseven SoM features 8-core 1.2GHz Rockchip SoC

Rockchip RK3368 Octa-core Q7 module
The RK3368-uQ7 system-on-module from Theobroma Systems is the most powerful ARM-based system-on-module available today. With 8 ARM Cortex-A53 64-bit cores clocked at up to 1.2GHz, and 4K HDMI display, 4-lane eDP and 4-lane MIPI-CSI, with a PowerVR SGX6110 GPU, the module is a multimedia powerhouse. Up to 4GB DDR3-1600 is provided on-module as well as eMMC persistent storage.

Based on the Qseven standard, the module offers a high-performance, DMA-capable, Gigabit Ethernet interface, up to 4 USB ports, UART, 8x GPIO, I2S, I2C, SMBus, as well as  CANbus and SD Card support. A devkit offers instant out-of-the-box application development results, and you can create your own baseboard for a complete industrial custom solution.

In addition to a comprehensive Debian Linux BSP , Android support is available. Software-programmable DVFS (digital voltage and frequency scaling) manages power consumption, and low-power suspend-to-RAM is supported.

 An on-module ARM Cortex-M0 subsystem offloads communications protocols and allows real-time processing, as well as providing additional features such as CANbus, low-power RTC and watchdog.

The module measures just 70 x 40mm, operates from a single 5V supply, and is complemented by a mini-ITX form-factor development baseboard, which ships with Linux pre-installed on microSD card.

ProcessorRockchip RK3368
CPU8x ARM Cortex-A53
Processor Clock Max (GHz)1.2Dynamic Voltage and Frequency Scaling
Floating PointyARM Cortex Neon VFP
GPUPowerVR SGX6110Imagination Technologies
VPUmulti-formatH.264 decoding up to 2160p30
H.265 decoding up to 2160p60
Video encoding up to 1080p30
RAM (GB)512MB/1/2/4DDR3-1600
eMMC Flash (GB)8/16/32/64/128
UART1RS-232 on devkit
Ethernet1High Performance Gigabit Ethernet, Triple-speed PHY on module
I2C Interface1
HDMI1v2.0: 4K capable, 60fps
LVDS1single channel
eDP14-lane, 2.7Gb/s per lane
Camera1MIPI-CSI, 4-lane, 1Gb/s per lane
SD card1microSD on devkit
USB4incl. 1 OTG capable
Audioyaudio in/out on devkit
CANyon-module offload controller
Temperature Range0-60C / -20 to +85C
Dimensions70 x 40mm
Input Voltage (V)5vconsumption <9W
ConnectorsQSeven230-pin MXM

The Mini-ITX form factor development baseboard offers a comprehensive development environment based on RK3368-uQ7, running Debian Linux out-of-the-box. The development system consists of a baseboard which provides connectors for the main module interfaces, including SD Card, USB, GPIO, HDMI, Ethernet and RS-232. Additional facilities include an audio codec with audio in/out to 3.5mm jacks, JTAG connector, a buzzer and RTC coin-cell holder. For production purposes, most projects require a custom baseboard, and we are happy to offer baseboard design and manufacture as a service.

hainan_board_w_key_1263pxdevkitdevkit for Allwinner A31 quad core system-on-module

Simply follow the “Buy Online” link to the right to purchase the DevKit, which will be with you within 2-3 working days once available (see “Ordering Information” below for availability updates).

µQseven BaseboardRK3368-µQ7 Module
Power Supply12V 36W
Cables included for EU, UK and US wall plugs
USB-RS232 ConverterBased on the Prolific PL2303
HeatsinkIncludes mounting screws and thermal pad
µSD-CardReady-to-use Debian Jessie preinstalled
Form FactorMicro-ATX
Exported InterfacesGigabit Ethernet
6x USB 2.0
Micro-SD Card
4-Pin PWM fan header
Power Supply12V DC via barrel connector (power supply included) or
ATX power

The RK3368-uQ7 is not yet in production – the early access phase begins in Q3 2017. For the latest information, or if you have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us by calling Direct Insight on +44 1295 768800 9am to 5.30pm UK time, emailing info at directinsight.co.uk, or by using the “Contact Us” form below.

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Simply follow the “Buy Online” link to the right to purchase the DevKit, which will be with you within 2-3 working days once available (see “Ordering Information” below for availability updates).