8 core system-on-module with Allwinner A80

theobroma system on modules allwinnertx-reverse-160px8 Core A80-Q7 Allwinner Module

QSeven SoM features 8 core 1.8GHz ARM Cortex-A15/7 processor

A80-Q7 8 core QSeven ARM module
The A80-Q7 system-on-module from Theobroma Systems is one of the highest performance ARM-based boards available today, incorporating a octa-core processing system comprising 4 ARM Cortex-15 and 4 ARM Cortex-A7 cores with up to 8GB of dual channel DDR3 memory as well as a versatile PowerVR G6230GPU.

Based on the QSeven standard, the module offers a high-performance, DMA-capable, Gigabit Ethernet interface, up to 6 USB ports including USB 3.0 OTG, HDMI and dual LVDS display, UART, I2S, I2C and SPI, as well as  SATA and SD Card support. Additionally, MIPI-CSI camera interface features as well as extended display support including MIPI-DSI and eDP. Use the module with the development kit for instant out-of-the-box application development results, and plug in to your own baseboard for a complete industrial solution.

In addition to a comprehensive Debian Linux BSP , Android support is available. Software-programmable DVFS (digital voltage and frequency scaling) manages power consumption, and 30mW suspend-to-RAM is supported.


An on-module ARM Cortex-M0 subsystem offloads communications protocols and allows real-time processing, as well as providing additional features such as CANbus, low-power RTC and watchdog.

The module measures just 70 x 70mm, operates from a single 5V supply, and is complemented by a mini-ITX form-factor development baseboard, which ships with Linux pre-installed on microSD card.

ProcessorAllwinner A80
CPU4x ARM Cortex-A15
4x ARM Cortex-A7
big.LITTLE - two clock/power domains
Processor Clock Max (GHz)1.8
RAM (GB)2/4/8DDR3 dual channel
eMMC Flash (GB)4/8/1640 MByte/sec read
Floating PointyARM Cortex Neon VFP per core
UART1RS-232 on devkit
Ethernet1High Performance Gigabit Ethernet
I2C Interface1
HDMI11.4 1080p60
eDP1Embedded DisplayPort
MIPI-DSI1Qseven feature connector
SD card1microSD on devkit
USBup to 6incl. 1x USB 3.0 OTG
Audioyaudio in/out on devkit
Temperature Range0-65C / -20 to +85C
Dimensions70 x 70mm
Input Voltage (V)5vconsumption up to 5W
ConnectorsQseven230-pin MXM
LinuxyDebian 8 userland

Full compliance with the QSeven specification enables use of any QSeven baseboard, and we are shipping the same development system as used by the sister A31-uQ7 product.  The Mini-ITX form factor development baseboard offers a comprehensive development environment, run
ning Debian Linux out-of-the-box. The development system consists of a baseboard which provides connectors for the main module interfaces, devkit for Allwinner A31 quad core system-on-moduleincluding SD Card, SATA, USB, GPIO, HDMI, LVDS, Ethernet and RS-232. eDP and USB 3.0 are not currently supported. Additional facilities include an audio codec with audio in/out to 3.5mm jacks, JTAG connector, a buzzer and RTC coin-cell holder. For production purposes, most projects require a custom baseboard, and we are happy to offer baseboard design and manufacture as a service.

Simply follow the “Buy Online” link to the right to purchase the DevKit, which will be with you within 2-3 working days.

In low volume (MOQ 20 modules) the following configuration is usually available from inventory:

TA80/R/2GR/4GF with 2GB RAM, 4GB eMMC, 5 USB, HDMI, SATA, CAN, Commercial (0 to +60C) spec.

The industrial spec version of this module is also available with MOQ 20 units:

TA80/R/2GR/4GF/I with 2GB RAM, 4GB eMMC, 3 USB, HDMI, CAN, Industrial (-20 to +85C) spec.

For larger volumes or custom orders, a “Premium Plus” version is available, with ST Micro “Kerkey” security:

TA80/PP/8GR/16GF: with 8GB RAM, 16GB eMMC, 5 USB, HDMI, SATA, CAN, Kerkey, Commercial temp range (0 to +60C)

TA80PP/8GR/16GF/I with 8GB RAM, 16GB eMMC, 3 USB, HDMI, CAN, Kerkey, Industrial (-20 to +85C) spec.

Other RAM and eMMC versions are also available on request.

Simply order the A80-uQ7 development system via our online shop, using the “Buy Online” link to the right, and it should be with you in a couple of days. We look forward to providing you with knowledgeable, professional support to create your product. If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us by calling Direct Insight on +44 1295 768800 9am to 5.30pm UK time, emailing info at directinsight.co.uk, or by using the “Contact Us” form below.

Volume pricing information is just a couple of clicks away – please follow the “Get Quote” link to the right. Or contact our experienced team with your detailed questions – we’ll be happy to help.