Direct Insight Services

The provision of high quality services to our customers is Direct Insight’s primary mission. As a solution provider, our role may be anything from offering our excellent support as you integrate standard boards or IP, through to complete turnkey project consulting.
Whatever the service, our intention is to form partnerships with our customers which are based on the principal that both parties will profit from the relationship, founded on mutual understanding and trust, and designed to be of an enduring nature.

Striving for the best technical support provision to our customers is probably our number one focus. Most of our support is provided free of charge on the basis of an understanding of a long-term relationship that will result in purchase of production hardware or services. Sometimes however this is formalised in a Supply-and-Support Agreement, or in a maintenance contract.

We always welcome feedback, both positive and constructive criticism. Please contact David dot Pashley

We are the UK’s leading official training provider for Microsoft Windows Embedded, and provide a number of courses both under our own flag and on behalf of others.

We are lucky enough to have William White – one of UK Electronic Engineering’s foremost and prolific trainers – on our staff, and over the years William has stewarded our delivery of training on subjects as diverse as VHDL, JTAG Boundary Scan and various embedded operating systems.

Many training courses are run in the beautiful rural surroundings of our farm-based Oxfordshire HQ

We can manage and execute your engineering project from the standpoint of many years’ experience. One of our key motivations is to save our customers time and money, if possible by leveraging existing elecments, and we promise to guide you to the best route, without regard to any reduction in our own compensation. As professional Engineers we want every project to be the best it can be.
If you’re moving your app from Windows Desktop to Windows Embedded Standard, then our fixed-price Windows Embedded Standard image conversion service is the fast, reliable route to a working solution.
We provide this service to a number of customers who are involved in the creation of large complex boards. Services are based on the use of Corelis tools, which are the gold standard (though therefore not the cheapest) for boundary scan.