Qseven system-on-modules with Allwinner processors

theobroma system on modules allwinnertx-reverse-160pxQseven System-on-Modules with Allwinner A31, A64, A80

A31-uQ7 quad-core ARM Cortex-A7 SoM with Allwinner A31
Quad and Octa-core modules from Theobroma Systems. Please follow the links below for additional information:

4-core A31-uQ7 module with A31 processor
4-core A64-uQ7 module with A64 processor
8-core 64-bit uQ7 module with Rockchip AA3368
8-Core A80-Q7 Allwinner module
6-Core 64-bit Q7 module with Rockchip A3399