Embedded PC COM Express

Direct Insight offers a range of up-to-date COM Express boards, bringing our expertise as a Windows Embedded Gold Partner to bear to provide properly software-integrated solutions.

COM Express boards are compact embedded PCs which bring all I/O to two 240-pin connectors, and therefore require a “carrier board” to bring these signals to useful connectors. This is a useful arrangement because the COM Express board may be substituted during the product lifetime, and because a custom carrier board can be used, avoiding expensive unneeded connectors, and raising the possibility of including additional project-specific functionality on the carrier.

Standard carrier boards tend to create a system which looks a bit like a standard motherboard, with PCIe and (for type 2 COM Express) PCI slots, which are often associated with external graphics cards.

Atom-based boards tend to be more integrated as the number of PCIe channels is limited, and lend themselves to addition of modems and wireless PCIe minicards.

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