Baseboards and Development Kits

Baseboards and Development Kits for TRITON-TX module family

Because TRITON-TX is a pin-compatible family of ARM-based system-on-modules, it is possible to use the same baseboard with the whole range of modultxfbes.

We have created a range of baseboards suited to different situations:

Mainboard-7 Development Kit – the new devkit for TRITON-TX, featuring LVDS, RS-485 and CANbus connectivity

StarterKit-5 Development Kit – the starting point for most TRITON-TX development. Mainboard-7 is now preferred for new designs.

TRITON-TXFB – a production-ready baseboard, turns the TRITON-TX module into a complete ARM SBC

TRITON-TXCT – a production-ready integrated unit with 7″ capacitive touch-screen